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Trevor Foster


Those of you who know me, know that I’ve been involved with Marine Mammals my entire adult life. That spans over 50 years now.  Trevor Foster, whom I’ve known for his entire life of about 29 years has become one of today's leading sculpture artists of many species of animals, but particularly Marine Mammals.


Trevor is introducing his very first Cetacean, Orcinus orca or The Killer Whale as we like to refer to them.  This piece was inspired by a 24 ft. adult transient.  This will be followed by a series of other Cetaceans (dolphins and whales) over the next few years.  Each one takes approximately 6 months to refine and make 100% anatomically correct.  This KW is made to 1:12th scales and is perfect in every dimension, from the colors and saddle marks to the tips for his tail.  (22 inches X 8.5 inches)


Made of Fiberglass, you think it’s a wood carving from the touch.  Strong and durable this will not break like a common porcelain reproduction.  Museum quality and made to display on anyone’s mantel or showcase. 

This is a limited edition with a total of only 500 pieces, all signed, dated and numbered.  Without doubt, as his popularity grows, these pieces will become more valuable and desired.

Order this Killer Whale now and you will also gain the advantage of being first on the list for any future Cetaceans (he plans 10 more species over the next several years) OR other marine-related first editions or “one-off” pieces Trevor is currently working on.

Shipped to you without charge anywhere in the USA, the price for this piece of Art is only $499.00.  (8.6% sales tax in WA State)

Retailers, Museums, Aquariums, Zoo’s, and other institutions may be offered a lower price for more than 3 ordered at the same time. 

Remember, limited quantity. Order now.  We can ship the first 40 orders within a few days.


Reply directly to me, Jim Styers:


Upon your order, I will send you a Pay Pal invoice whereby you can pay either with a Pay Pal account, OR just use a credit/debit card.  You will receive a confirmation/receipt and shipment date.



Jim Styers

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