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Nomads/Partners WANTED………NOW!

If you have ever considered living abroad or are actually there and have been looking for a business that can be set up anywhere, easy to operate, offer you freedom to travel, have very little overhead, no inventory and is “service oriented”, you are on the right website.


Covid has been the only downturn in our business since we started over 16 years ago.  Embassies closed.  USCIS and the NVC were understaffed.  Trump instigated many rules and restrictions on Immigration.

Fortunately, all that has now come and gone.  Biden in the new President and has taken Immigration back to where it was.  Covid is waning and Embassies are opening up. USCIS and NVC are back to normal and working with the Embassies to clear up all the backlog of cases.  Thousands upon thousands of potential clients have been waiting to start or proceed with their plans on Immigration.

WE are there to help.  Having over 16 years of Immigration experience and establishing a 99.7% success rate on the visas we provide we are in the perfect position to help and take advantage of this new business coming our way.


HOWEVER, we need help.  We need partners in many countries that can market our services and help in contacting potential clients.  WE will be doing the “Immigration” process for you.  Your job is being the “rain maker” in your geographical area.  Once the client is signed, we take over and do all the heavy lifting in the actual immigration process.  You are there to help keep the clients updated and giving them the “local” contact they need.  We split the fee with you 50/50.  WE set up the website in English and your local Language.  All training provided. (For example: our fee for the K1 fiancé visa is $1495.00.  You would receive 50% of that fee)

FULL training comes with your commitment.  We will not take any clients until you are ready.  We estimate your ROI will be well within a year if not much sooner.  We target only a small number of “family” visas, keeping your job as specific and targeted as possible. You WILL become an expert in these visas very quickly which be translated into successful clients.  We of course are there for you 24/7, handling all the Gov’t forms, letters of intent, cover letters and the numerous steps during the process.  YOU just follow our lead and jump in when you are comfortable. 

At this time, ALL countries are open to you except Thailand, where our Headquarters are based for the past 16 years.  We also have a USA office to handle any issues here.  I run that office.

WE do not just take anyone.  First of all, you will need to be an American Citizen, green card holder, or have lived in the USA for over ten years and speak fluent English. You will need to demonstrate the ability to set up a small office and have at least one local staff who speaks the Native Language. The only office supplies you will need are a computer, printer, fax, good Wi-Fi with internet connection, and phone service/mobile service.  Previous business experience is highly suggested.


This is perfect for the Expat who is retired and/or a NOMAD looking for a small business to make a very good income for a reasonable startup and fast ROI.  Also good for the existing business such as travel agent, accountant, business consultant or other.

These costs are somewhat different, based on the Country you choose.  The average cost is around $7,500 USD.  Higher costs will be determined by the size and Immigration potential for our visa services.

(Example:  Philippines issues MANY visas each year to the USA and will be a premium Country.  Whereas Cambodia would be a “standard” country as it does fewer visas per year but has enough to support your business.)  All countries (Thailand excluded) are currently open if they have a US Embassy or Consulate in that country. Top picks now are the Philippines, Mexico, New Zealand (N & S Island), Vietnam (N & S), Canada (each Province), All Central and S. American Countries.  All others at your choice. ALL countries need this service.

As stated, we assume your ROI will be very quick. However, this will be entirely dependent on your ability to set up your office and get the marketing effort started.  Your income will also be dependent on your work ethic, good business practices and personal motivation. Most of our marketing is done via Facebook, Google, Craigslist, and local word of mouth.  Referral business brings in much of our business as we get tons of excellent comments from previous clients. Setting up your office is on you, however we have much experience on this and will help where we can.


Further info will be provided upon your request.  Please respond with your full name, contact information and a brief letter describing your interest, past business history and any other info that you feel is important for us to know. You can not have any previous criminal background.

Send to:

Thank you,

Jim Styers


Disclaimer:  We are not in any way connected with the US Government, USCIS, NVC, Embassies or any subsidiaries of any Gov’t agency.  We are independent business owners and are offering a legitimate Business Opportunity. This is not a franchise. You control your future.

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