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Jim Styers


Life experiences, ethical business practices and loyalty are the reasons why you would chose to work with me.  (My "Bio" is attached below.)  Living overseas in several locations has increased my knowledge of what it takes to open and successfully run a business. Having been a major player in several International projects including: the 1989 Exxon/Valdez Oil Spill; the Free Willy (Keiko) project in Iceland; to opening a research center in the wilds of Myanmar, I come from the "Tom Sawyer" school of adventure and life strategies. Taking risks and experiencing a life full of travel, excitement, business ups and downs has only increased my desire to help others. My Goal: Getting you to that point in life where you feel that sense of accomplishment, financial success and fulfilling your bucket list.  Hope I can help.  

James (Jim) Styers

Business Consultant * SE Asia Specialist *Marine Mammal Consultant







Jim Styers - Biography


Jim Styers early experience started with acquiring advanced diving certificates.  When hired by the Seattle Aquarium, he became part of the capture team and moved to head trainer of Killer Whales.  In 1976 he was hired as Curator of Mammals at the newly constructed City of Seattle Public Aquarium. In 1989 he became Director of Wildlife Response for the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. This led to contracting with major Oil Companies and the US Navy, to write their oil spill wildlife response contingency plans.  In 1995 he was contracted by the “Free Willy/Keiko Foundation” to design, construct and deploy the world’s largest floating sea pen, in Iceland.  He has transported many species of marine mammals throughout the world.  In 1999 he moved to Thailand and began to work with Thai and Myanmar Fisheries Departments for research on local populations of dolphins. After 16 years of living in Thailand, Jim, his wife Lada and stepdaughter Namwan Immigrated back to the USA.  Jim now runs TBA Business Services, LLC.  



  • TBA Business Services, LLC (Business Consulting)

  • dba

  • dba

  • New Venture:  Assisting persons seeking to move or do business in SE Asia.


Mr. Styers accomplishments include:


  • Captured and trained many Killer Whales from the Pacific NW of America

  • Captured and transported many species of marine mammals throughout the world

  • Head Trainer of the "Old" Seattle Aquarium

  • Curator of Marine Mammals at the "New" City of Seattle Aquarium

  • First in the world to successfully propagate sea otters in captivity.

  • Trained sea lions for search and rescue

  • Owned and operated "Diving Ventures Unlimited, a dive adventure company

  • Advanced diving certificates

  • Designed, built and Director of the "Wildlife Rescue Center" for EXXON, during the Exxon/Valdez oil spill.  Largest rehabilitation center ever built.  85% survival.

  • Conceived, owned and operated NW Marine Collectors, a small sea life collecting company, supplying many aquariums and zoos with sea life from the Pacific NW.

  • Licensed United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer

  • Owner and CEO of Lazer Labels, Inc. Sold to Pioneer Manufacturing (Japan)

  • Collected/transported 3 sea otters to Lisbon, Portugal for the "Year of the Ocean"

  • Chief consultant for the Free Willy Keiko Foundation, in charge of design, construction, and deployment of Keiko's sea pen in Iceland

  • Founder and Director of Fathom 23, Inc., Wildlife Rapid Response Team and Oil Spill Wildlife Management. (consulting firms for marine mammal crisis/rehab.)

  • Produced oil spill "wildlife contingency plans" for many major oil companies and the United States Navy.

  • Conducted dolphin research in the Fiji Islands for 7 months.

  • Head Consultant to the Myanmar Dolphin Project.

  • Written and published travel articles for Thailand.

  • Owner/partner of “Swim with the Sea Lions” in Koh Samui, Thailand

  • SE Asia Manufactures Representative for several International companies.

  • Currently:  TBA Business Services with offices in Bangkok, Thailand and recently Lacey, WA, USA.

  • Currently: &


Relocated back to Washington State, Mr. Styers has been living in the USA full time since June, 2016.


Excellent health. 




Olympia, Washington State

Skype: styersj

Phone:  360-742-4906

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