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TBA announces “A la Carte” Business Services



Businessmen, Expats and visitors to Thailand, from time to time need assistance on many issues they deal with in Thailand.  Communication is probably the biggest factor in misunderstandings and problems, due to the language and “context” issues. 


Hiring a full time assistant who speaks English and understands not only the language, but the “content” behind the language is difficult to achieve and expensive to maintain.


TBA is now offering “A la Carte” Business Services for these situations where you need help occasionally, but don’t want the expense or hassle of a full time employee.  This saves not only in salary but all the other expenses associated with having full time staff.


A la Carte service is just that.  We provide most business services on an “A la Carte” basis.  Need a translation, personal assistant for a hour or a day or a week?  A fax sent or received, a virtual office/address or mail drop, documents translated and certified, work station, computer, etc? TBA can provide this service for as little or as long as you like.


We do this on a “retainer” basis.  This keeps the accounting simple.  We require a minimum of 5,000 baht retainer.  You work off this amount as needed.  We provide you an itemized account at the end of each month or as required. 


Our fees range from 1000 baht per hour for general secretarial and office work, to 2500 baht per hour for specialized consulting, business introductions and facilitator services.  A specialized "package" can be negotiated for your specific situation.  We bill on 15 minute segments or fraction there of, saving you money on short time projects.


TBA A la Carte service is here to make your life a little easier and cost effective.  Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!